Italian Kitchen Design in Austin, Texas

The Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home

At the heart of our Italian kitchens at LAVISH, there is color, design, technology and innovation. We offer all the elements you need to create the kitchen you most desire and that best allows you to express yourself.

Providing You With Everything You Need

Materials are important resources for creating your designer Italian kitchen and living room. We allow you to create the perfect rooms that are central to your lifestyle by providing you with all the materials you need.

Our team makes it easy to renovate your kitchen with any combination of solid wood, wood veneer, lacquer, laminate, glass or eco-cement. We also offer you the option to design your kitchen in different colors, shades and materials. Our Italian kitchens allow you to customize your space however you want.

Engage a Designer Today

Ask us anything or get started on a custom project with a complimentary initial consultation.

Visit the LAVISH design studio located at Domain NORTHSIDE!

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