Locally Crafted Custom Cabinetry in Austin, TX

High-quality cabinets blend into their surroundings with their ease of use and excellent functionality. LAVISH provides the custom cabinetry that your kitchen needs to reach new heights. Come to our Austin, TX, location to learn what our custom kitchen cabinetry can do for you.

Why Custom Kitchen Cabinetry?

We offer a wide variety of custom cabinetry services for your kitchen. Our frameless cabinetry uses the highest quality of European-sourced materials to bring you the elegance and functionality that you need.

Although we import some of our materials, we manufacture our hardware and wood locally here in central Texas. We are committed to using local materials in addition to our European-sourced options to highlight the beauty of Austin in your kitchen.

We locally manufacture all of our custom cabinets because we know Austin, TX, and we know what elevates your home.

Our services bring you a fully customizable set of cabinets for your kitchen and bath, including an extensive variety of materials, sources, and finishes. We complete our cabinets with this wide range of services to provide you with the utmost customization that you deserve.

Why Us?

We believe that the entire process of designing and installing custom kitchen cabinetry should be fun, collaborative, and thoughtful. We have been in the design world for over two decades, refining our process and developing our own pioneering organization method.

Our method is derived from the French phrase - mise en place - which translates directly to everything in its place. We understand that functionality is the key to successful cabinetry. If your cabinets are difficult to use, they increase clutter and waste your time. When we utilize mise en place, we reduce clutter and save you time.

We are driven by technology, design, and our strong commitment to designing cabinetry that is ecofriendly.

Take advantage of LAVISH's custom kitchen cabinetry today. Call our Austin, TX, location at (512) 643-0308 to schedule your complimentary concept consultation to begin designing your ideal cabinets.

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