Solid Wood Cabinets in Austin, Texas

Picture a Solid Wood Kitchen

LAVISH is pleased to offer kitchen cabinets that are crafted fully from solid, natural wood for your home. Sustainable forestry has nurtured the wood for decades, and it continues to receive the greatest of care from our fine craftsmen. When you have our fine wood cabinets installed in your kitchen, they’re sure to become the highlight of the room.

A Natural Finish

To finish your cabinetry, we seal the surfaces with pure, natural oil, which helps the wood retain all of its most beautiful characteristics. It also helps keep the wood free from harmful substances and retain its antibacterial properties.

Our Vendor

Team 7, our primary vendor, handles the entire production process from growing the trees to handcrafting your beautiful kitchen cabinets.

Team 7 is based in Austria, a country covered in forests with thousands of years of experience in the woodworking tradition. As such, they understand the health implications of natural, solid wood and wants you to be able to take these elements into your home for your benefit and enjoyment. With their commitment to quality and sustainability, we can guarantee that our solid wood kitchen cabinets are manufactured using environmentally sound methods.

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